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Baidu Europe B.V automates in the broadest sense of the word. For us that means supplying software, hardware and related products and services. Most of our clients order all their products through Baidu Europe B.V. This is both convenient and results in one clear invoice, but in general our prices are at least as competitive as our rivals. Most clients outsource everything to us, but we also work for clients who have in-house knowledge and for whom we carry out ad-hoc projects.



We feel that ICT must save you money or even earn you money. This is often forgotten. Did you know that 20% of the entire ICT budget in businesses is lost to bad investments? However big or small your organisation, we think it is important to remember this and prevent it happening in your organisation. The consultant draws up a portfolio based on your requirements and produces an analysis. Based on good market knowledge and experience in the field, we can provide you with good advice. References are available on request. You can use the consultant to select new software or IT systems, or address complex problems and general issues. Because we are independent of the market, we are a neutral party in the selection of hardware and software.


Baidu ensures that ICT helps you make work easier for you and your organization. We take over your ICT and manage it professionally, giving you maximum certainty about your ICT performance, ICT cost control, flexibility as you organization grows or shrinks, and optimum support for your employees by offering them a tailor-made desktop. We provide three services:
Hosted Desktop; Hosted Application; Hosted VoIP.

To make this possible, we offer a most professional ICT infrastructure and a working method that is centred on you and your employees. Users from your organization are given a tailor-made hosted desktop, and for responding quickly your ICT professionals have direct contact with the Service Level Managers and professionals.

Hosted Desktop

All employees have a tailor-made desktop (virtual desktop) and always have the required applications and data at their disposal online. The variable payment is related to actual use per user per month. Workplace Online leads to transparent ICT costs and increased employee productivity.

Hosted Application

We host your business or web applications and ensure that you can offer your application as a SaaS service to your customers and employees. Baidu host over different applications, company-specific applications as well as MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, MS Lync or BPOS .

Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP is also called VoIP as a Service or the SaaS variant for telephony, which means that you can have your telephony fully set up and maintained by us. The benefits are similar to those of SaaS: lower management costs and pay per use. Besides, we offer competitive call rates. Find out what Hosted VoIP can do for you.

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